The Taming of the Cat 2023. Faber
Saving the Butterfly 2022. Walker
The Hippo at the end of the Hall 2017. David Fickling Books
Dog Biscuit 2008. Doubleday/Picture Corgi
Delicious! 2006. Doubleday/Picture Corgi
A Pipkin Of Pepper 2004. Doubleday/Picture Corgi
The Sandmare 2001. Double day/Young Corgi
Tatty-ratty 2001. Doubleday/Picture Corgi
Pumpkin Soup 1998. Double day/Picture Corgi
The Baby Who Wouldn’t go to Bed 1996. Doubleday/Picture Corgi
Little monster did It! 1995. Doubleday/Picture Corgi
The tale of Duck 1994. Doubleday
The tale of Bear 1994. Doubleday
The tale of Pig 1994. Doubleday
The tale of Frog 1994. Doubleday
(Toy Tales 2000 omnibus edition of these four books.)
The Bear under the Stairs 1993. Doubleday/Picture Corgi
The House Cat 1993. Scholastic
Chestnut Grey 1993. Francis Lincoln
The Owl and the Pussy cat 1991. Hamish Hamilton
(Text by Edward Lear.)
Christmas Stories for the very Young 1990. Kingfisher
(Edited by Sally Grindley. Various authors.)
Ella and the Rabbit 1990. Francis Lincoln
Solomon’s Secret 1989. Methuen (text by Saviour Pirotta)
Lucy and the Eggwitch 1989. Hamish Hamilton/Picture Corgi
(Text by Moira Miller on an idea by Helen.)
Kit and the magic Kite 1987. Hamish Hamilton/Picture Corgi